Loving someone that doesn’t love you

I could say that 99.9% of us have been in this situation. It’s a terrible situation not a good feeling, you start to ask yourself questions to why they don’t love you, what can you do to make them love you, what’s missing? But I’ll tell you something don’t try too hard, don’t waste your time trying to catch something that doesn’t want to be caught. Every second we are losing precious time of our lives, you don’t want to spend that time following someone who doesn’t care the way you do. Yes it will be difficult to let go, but if you strong enough to say goodbye then life will greet you with a new hello. What ever happens in life it happens for a reason no matter what it is.

If you let go of someone, you will be rewarded with someone new. Life teaches us the value of time where as time teaches us the value of life.



The wrong person

In life you are bound to fall in love with the wrong person, either they don’t love you or you can’t be together. But don’t let this change the way you think about love, your love wasn’t wrong or anything it was just not meant to be. It’s not like someone pushed you to fall in love. So keep loving and you will find the right person. Don’t give up on love, the seed has to go through some dirt before it becomes a flower.

If you can love the wrong person that much imagine how much you could love the right person.


The one

Your life may not be perfect, you may not have what you want, you may not have the job you want or the car you want. But if the one you love is happy and smiling then nothing else should matter. Their smile should be everything and always hope that they find a reason to smile.


In life – love

Love.. It has 4 letters but has so much depth and meaning to it. Love is a feeling that we all feel in some way, everyone’s love is different. But loving someone can be so strong and powerful, it makes one go to great lengths for the person they love. When we love someone it’s who we see when we close our eyes, it’s who is on our mind nearly all the time, it’s who makes us happy no matter how bad the day was, it’s who we would die for. When you love someone it’s the only thing on your mind, don’t be scared to be in love, it has its ups and downs but it’s definitely worth it. Don’t blame anyone when you fall in love either it’s not like someone pushed you, you just fell. Love can overcome all other emotions, the bond is so strong that it could take a whole life time to break. You could be in love right now with someone, either they know or don’t know. Don’t leave it too late to tell them, it’s not a crime to love someone, it’s natural. Even if others say no, if you know you love that person and they are the only one you want then tell them, let them know how you feel. If they say no don’t be heart broken, be proud you had the strength and courage to tell them your feelings, you’ll get over it as time heals all. Before you know it you’ll be in love with someone else. Good luck