What’s to fear?

In life fear is a very strong emotion, it keeps people from doing some things, as a child a fear could be the dark, so you wouldn’t go upstairs to your room without someone or sleep without a night light. Fear of spiders, you’d scream if you saw a house spider in your bedroom. Fear is a choice it’s not like we have to be scared of something, but fear is lack of understanding, a child is scared of the dark because they don’t know what it is, what’s inside it. A person has a fear of spiders will just think of it as a disgusting, hairy looking creature without knowing it’s features, how it can build silk, how they build webs that catches their food.

All these fears are normal, spiders, the dark, lightening, horror films, roller coasters, injections and many more. But there’s something out there that you must fear, something very dangerous, something that we do understand but take no notice of it, something that you see everyday, interact with everyday, live within meters of it, it’s mankind, that’s the real scary thing out there the real danger, mankind can kill, hurt, jump, run, make sounds, dress up, think, heal, train it’s self and many others.

If you listen to the news it’s just bad things happening in the world due to mankind, rape, murder, terrorism, robbery, protests, gang wars, etc we are the worst above all, we are capable of so many things. You will see at least one everyday, you will not see a spider everyday, it does not thunder everyday, the sun rises everyday so there’s light but mankind is out and about all the time.

So the real fear out there is not spiders, ghosts, monsters, lightening, the darkness etc it’s mankind.



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