What’s to fear?

In life fear is a very strong emotion, it keeps people from doing some things, as a child a fear could be the dark, so you wouldn’t go upstairs to your room without someone or sleep without a night light. Fear of spiders, you’d scream if you saw a house spider in your bedroom. Fear is a choice it’s not like we have to be scared of something, but fear is lack of understanding, a child is scared of the dark because they don’t know what it is, what’s inside it. A person has a fear of spiders will just think of it as a disgusting, hairy looking creature without knowing it’s features, how it can build silk, how they build webs that catches their food.

All these fears are normal, spiders, the dark, lightening, horror films, roller coasters, injections and many more. But there’s something out there that you must fear, something very dangerous, something that we do understand but take no notice of it, something that you see everyday, interact with everyday, live within meters of it, it’s mankind, that’s the real scary thing out there the real danger, mankind can kill, hurt, jump, run, make sounds, dress up, think, heal, train it’s self and many others.

If you listen to the news it’s just bad things happening in the world due to mankind, rape, murder, terrorism, robbery, protests, gang wars, etc we are the worst above all, we are capable of so many things. You will see at least one everyday, you will not see a spider everyday, it does not thunder everyday, the sun rises everyday so there’s light but mankind is out and about all the time.

So the real fear out there is not spiders, ghosts, monsters, lightening, the darkness etc it’s mankind.



Question everything

In life you may find yourself questioning something, from who am I, what is the purpose of me, what is real, religion, just everything in life.. Everything happens for a reason, but we may not know that reason, so there’s nothing wrong with asking why.

What’s the point of watching a film? For entertainment, but once you’ve seen it that’s it, it’s not like it lasts. What’s the point of entertainment? To have fun, to enjoy yourself, why only enjoy yourself for a shirt period of time?. Then it gets to a point where you ask what’s the point of anything, what’s the point of human kind. Is there an “actual” purpose of us being here? We know many people die but the world still carries on, in fact because of humankind the world is getting damaged, we are breaking the Ozone layer, global warming, over population, destroying nature.. We are ruining our own home, they say go green, recycle, plant a seed… Not everyone is doing that.

What’s the point of a government? How are they so different from anyone else? They are only there because of education, taught by other humans, who have been taught by other humans. So we teach ourselves and pass it on, but still doesn’t make one more supreme than the next. Is it right to be ruled by a humans with more education that have been taught by other humans?

We are the spectators of our own destruction.


Who do you see?

Who do you see in the mirror?

In life, at some point we all do look in the mirror, whether it’s to do our hair, makeup, shaving, brushing our teeth or even just to get dressed.

But who do you see?
Do you see yourself differently as to  what others see you as?
Do you talk to yourself in the mirror?
Is it someone successful, unsuccessful, happy, sad, rich, poor or even a nobody?

They say the eyes can’t hide the truth, some can tell if your lying by looking in to your eyes, some can see the pain you’ve been through or the pain that you are in. But what do you see when you look in to your own eyes through a mirror? If you see yourself differently compared to what others see you as, why do you hide that side?

Only you know what you’ve been though, your past, what you like, what you dislike, only you know who you truly are. When you are alone you have nothing to hide, as there is nobody to judge you. A child does not care what others think, they do what ever they please. As we grow up in this world we tend to worry about what others think about us, other people’s opinions suddenly become more important than your own, we lose that childlike mindset of not caring what others think.

Which is truly a shame, we should not care what others think, we are unique for a reason, so don’t worry about what other people think. Always be yourself because you are limited edition, if one doesn’t like you for who you are, then the next person will.

So next time when you look in the mirror ask yourself who am I? Do you hide the real you in the mirror for only you to see? Nobody wants to become someone else’s opinion.

Don’t let the world change who you are.



In life there are things that people tolerate non stop, maybe it happens once a year, every month, every week or even every day. But these people never speak up, they keep it locked away inside, they feel that things will go wrong if they speak up, or there may be fights, so they keep their heads down and keep going and put a smile on their face. But this is a fake smile that they put up and this creates something inside, another person, the real unheard person, Sometimes this person comes out unexpected. It’s like a elastic band, you can only pull it so far before it snaps. So what I say is don’t keep living life by tolerating things that your not happy with, speak up and make a change. We are all here alone, it’s our own life, it’s up to you how you live it. Don’t waste time doing things that you don’t want to do.



What is negative thinking? In life you will find others or yourself thinking negative about something, wether it’s getting a new job, operation outcome, telling someone you love them or anything that has a good side and a bad side. Most of us will be negative with most things, but I say don’t be negative there’s no need not only will it get rid of hope but it will also get rid of trying new things, taking risks. If you applied for a job, say to yourself you’ll get the job, be positive about it, if you don’t get the job don’t give up it probably wasn’t the job for you as everything happens for a reason.

I’m not saying think positive about “everything” acting like everything is okay because we all know there’s so much trouble in the world but generally. So next time try to think positive about something, if it doesn’t go well and wipes you off your feet, get back up and keep going.

Think positive and positive things will happen.


Life on a loop

In life we find ourselves in this loop, that everyday feels the same and maybe is the same.

Wake up, get ready, have breakfast, go to work, after about 6 hours come back home, have dinner, get ready for the next day, sleep and same again. That is a vague description

Unfortunately this is what it’s like for most people, we come to this world without anything to give and we leave this world without taking anything from it. We still don’t know our “main” purpose of being here, but yet we still give ourselves tasks to do but we keep doing these tasks day in and day out.

On some occasions there may be something different, a party, a get together, go out for fun, or family business. But then we are back in the same loop.

There is so much in this world to see, do and experience. But nobody can find the time to do any of it, the main problem is money, the piece of metal with a design on it or the thin paper with a few colours and a number. If you don’t have enough them you find it difficult to live.

You spend your life doing as much work as possible to gain money, but by the time you have enough or are satisfied with the amount you have, your body is not capable of doing the things that you could do before. So therefore the money that you have worked for is useless.

Some want to travel the world, to do that you need money, so you make a goal to gain enough to travel, you work till you have enough, but this work will take you a good amount of your life away, then when you finally have enough you can’t physically do it.

But unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it, we need money to live, we need to survive, we need to work for money then we use it for what we can.

It’s a shame that we are in this loop until the last day. If only seeing the world was free, if there was no crimes happening, if it was okay to leave your car unlocked, it was okay to go out at night for a nice walk.

It truly is a shame.