Questions of the week

How far are you willing to go to save someone you love?



Mind set

The mind is a very powerful thing, it controls the body, but you control your mind. When we face things in life we go in to a mind set to face whatever it is, if it’s a football game we will go competitive to win, if it’s looking after someone we will go protective. It depends on the situation. But use your mind to take care of things, what you think is what you are, stronger the mind stronger the body.

Don’t think negatively, think positive and positive things will happen.


Missing someone

During our journey of life we will meet countless number of people, from strangers, family, and friends. You’ll either remember them on a good way or a bad way. But not all of these people will be with you to the end, either they will move on, pass away or many other scenarios. But once they have gone one day you’ll find yourself missing them, wether it was a loved one, a family member or even a person you met on the bus. Always be good to everyone no matter what they are like, because if they remember you in the future you want it to be a good thought.

Treat others how you would like to be treated.



Music is a wonderful thing it can mean so much, it can bring all kinds of emotions to people. It’s a universal language, it brings joy, sadness, love etc. Without music life would definitely be a mistake, music can also be used as a cure for anger as it calms one down. It’s always a good feeling when you hear your song play somewhere else other than from your own devises, like at a festival, at a party, or even on the radio. Some songs are good to be played out loud where as some are good to be played quiet and peacefully. Knowing what one listens to tells us a lot about their personality. So as it’s the weekend, take the car out for a spin and listen to your favourite song out loud, sing out loud with your friends. Enjoy life and all its pleasures with music.

When music hits you there is no pain – Bob marley


Loving someone that doesn’t love you

I could say that 99.9% of us have been in this situation. It’s a terrible situation not a good feeling, you start to ask yourself questions to why they don’t love you, what can you do to make them love you, what’s missing? But I’ll tell you something don’t try too hard, don’t waste your time trying to catch something that doesn’t want to be caught. Every second we are losing precious time of our lives, you don’t want to spend that time following someone who doesn’t care the way you do. Yes it will be difficult to let go, but if you strong enough to say goodbye then life will greet you with a new hello. What ever happens in life it happens for a reason no matter what it is.

If you let go of someone, you will be rewarded with someone new. Life teaches us the value of time where as time teaches us the value of life.


Fake friends

Friendship is a very important thing in life, we all need friends. They are like a gift. But even through they are good to have you can unfortunately stumble upon a fake friend, a friend that talks to you when alone but once they have someone around them they act like they don’t even know you. Don’t waste your time with these people. If a friend cares too much about their “popularity” then they have no time for you. Also when you are in your darkest times your so called friends could leave you. The real friends are the ones who are beside you wether you are in your best mood or darkest mood.

A real friend gives out a hand and touches your heart. You will know once you find a real friend.